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Incredible! Internet use can act as a router intelligent LED bulb

Author : Date : 8/25/2016 4:38:11 AM
Engineering LED roundup Now every time new to a place, the first sentence is not a greeting, but a simple question: "What have Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi password is how much." For some smart devices for control, Wi-Fi has become indispensable in our lives things. But sometimes, Wi-Fi is not ubiquitous, such as in the basement or in a more complex structure of the room, Wi-Fi signal I am afraid it can not be wholly covered.
Recently, the University of Virginia computer engineering research and development team being sent through the LED bulb pilot project radio signals -LiFi. If the final experiment is successful, then we can home in distribution can Wifi LED bulb acts as a router, make home wireless signals everywhere.
Head of R & D team Maite Brandt Pearce said: "Sending data via wireless and no extra LED bulbs use more energy and LED bulbs is only through their ubiquitous lighting to extend aid to the wireless signal, can not replace Wi-Fi, and you can not abandon the home wireless router. "
LiFi wireless data signal is enhanced by the LED light bulb that lets Wi-Fi everywhere. Of course, first and foremost prerequisite is to ensure that no transparent windows throughout the room, or the Wi-Fi signal is likely to be transmitted through the lamp damaged.
Previously, there have been a company called VLNComm applied for a patent related to using technology to connect to the Internet through LiFi lamp light. LiFi addition to enhance the wireless signal outside, the greater the advantage of extremely simple to implement, replace the LED bulb is very convenient. The other big advantage of LiFi is, in hospitals and other radio waves unwelcome places, but there is no restriction on the light.
R & D staff, said: "This technology will have an impact on things such as to communicate with said clock coffee pot, coffee pot can begin to notice the coffee can communicate with each other means that LED light bulb device, of course. you do not need a separate device equipped with radio signal transmission, as long as there is LiFi enough. "