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Novel! Dutch scientist: plants for power generation LED street lights

Author : Date : 8/23/2016 4:05:05 AM
 Novel! Dutch scientist: plants for power generation LED street lights


A Plant-e companies from Wageningen University researchers declared the establishment of a new research skills, can continue to draw power from the plants growing in the city's night lights LED street lights. At that time the two local skills have been enabled locally. According to physicist organizational networks recently reported, a few days ago, the city of Anaheim Rugby more than 300 LED lights entirely by the company called "Star" project lit. Moreover, the power plant is also used in the company's headquarters in Wageningen. Both projects are applied to the local aquatic plants.


The power plants use the skills of the project is suitable for use in city buildings and house roof. According to reports, the new skills based on natural processes, capture electrons from the soil, plants rely on the continued growth process occurred electricity. The method of using the process will not damage the plant, only light, carbon dioxide and water. When the plants grow, they will occur than their own needs more sugar, the remaining sugar and differentiation will be recovered surrounding soil, releasing protons and electrons. The researchers then placed the electrodes into the soil, which trap electrons to generate electricity.


The company's ultimate goal of the project is to develop an international country. The company founder, said: "I hope that one day, this skill can be considered the poorest area of ​​electricity supply, and there is rich in plant resources, such as rice or near wetlands if you can figure out how a low-cost method of operation will mean. with this new clean power to bring electricity to areas lacking gospel people, accounting for nearly 25% of the estimated benefit of international personnel. "


The company established in 2009 by the Wageningen University and David Striker Helder Ma Jilin, is a potential power development company, is doing power plant project lant-e's new skills can be used in existing equipment is now rice fields, and various types of wetlands is more applicable. Engineers may be placed below the level of the pipeline in wetlands like peat swamps, mangroves, paddy, or delta, etc. can follow suit, and to generate electricity.